New Trend: CoolDual

CoolSculpting technology, which frees up partial surpluses, welcomes the new year with a new trend. But first let us remember the characteristics that make it so popular. Dr. Mustafa Karatas explains why technology is so popular and the last point of treatment.

Undoubtedly, Zeltiq CoolSculpting, one of the most popular medical practices of the last 10 years, it is also a favorite of Hollywood stars. In a episode of the Keeping up with Kardashians, where we were part of the Kardashian family's daily lives, the mother, Kris Jenner, treated her partial surpluses with CoolSculpting, while giving out information about the treatment. Khloe Kardashian also says that CoolSculpting has an important role in the changing of your body. In the last years, Mariah Carey, who gained a more formal, thinner silhouette, explains the beauty secret: “Diet and CoolScupting”.

Freeze it
So, what makes CoolSculpting technology so special, what puts it among the most desired ones in the top? The answer is simple: it really works.
It was developed in the history of a discovery at Harvard Medical School in 2008. I found that the technology obtained by the hand is as effective as it is comparable to liposuction. Surgery on one side, bruises after surgery, payments, corsets worn for months, and a simple procedure that you can have during your lunch break and returns to your job right after Zeltiq CoolSculpting treatment has not been in vain so soon!
During Zeltiq CoolSculpting, the fat under the skin is cooled in a controlled manner and the fat cells freeze and crystallize. The fat cells, which break down and disintegrate, are permanently removed from the body over time.
In one session, there is only one thing you need to be aware of after the treatment that it destroys 20% -40% of adipose tissue, which is weight control.
After a period of time, the lysed fat cells begin to be discharged from the body. With the fat cells being metabolized and completely excreted from the body, the partial redundancies are visibly decreasing and the silhouette becomes more shaped.
The FDA-approved CoolSculpting has been implemented on more than 7 million patients worldwide since the day it was developed, and there are about 100 scientific publications proving the effectiveness of this technology.

Brief History of this Technology
The wonderful results of millions of patients without any side effects have created a solid foundation for the further development of technology over time. Let's look at this development chronologically. Let's see what happened in the CoolSculpting universe in 10 years.
• When the Zeltiq CoolSculpting was released in 2008, the range of applications were limited. The applicator's design only allowed treatment in large areas, such as the abdomen, hips, and basins. The final results of the treatment appeared 3 months after the procedure.
• With the new applicators developed a few years later, the use of treatment has expanded. Now, the smaller areas such as knees and upper arms can be treated too.
• The innovation in design was not just the size of the applicator. The folds of the new applicator fit perfectly into the curved areas of the body. With CoolMini, Zeltiq technology is now being applied on the face. His specialty was adipose tissue in the neck.
• A few years later, the treatment lasted an average of one hour for each area and was reduced by half. There was another important innovation: the exposure of the fat tissue to lower grades was the final result of the procedure, only 6 weeks later.

And Meet CoolDual
CoolSculpting treatment welcomed 2019 with a new trend: CoolDual. This is an innovative approach that allows the process to be completed much quicker by using two devices during treatment.
Let's say you have CoolSculpting treatment on your hips. Normally, the device was a single applicator, first one hip, then the other hip were treated. The new trend is the use of two devices in the treatment. Thus, the process lasts an hour and is completed in only half an hour.
This dual treatment protocol, which is becoming increasingly popular in America, is a great innovation, especially for those living in the left lane.

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