Hydrafacial is a procedure that enables your skin to get into shape after it has worn down and lost its health over time, which also provides a moisture, vitamin and mineral support. It deeply cleans the skin from toxins and enables you to have a more indestructible, flexible, and shining skin. This procedure also eliminates fine lines, sun spots and excessive fat accumulation. It is used for opening the skin pores to make the skin free from blackheads, and for the treatment of acne.

Who Can Benefit from HydraFacial?
It can be applied to even the most sensitive skins. It is a procedure suitable for those who think that their skins look lifeless and unhealthy, and complain about fine wrinkles that begin to form. It is ideal for those aged 30 and over, in terms of preparing the skin for the future.

How Long Does It Take To Perform It?
Specialists recommend the procedure to be performed in about 4-6 sessions. A session takes 30 minutes. You will not experience any discomfort during the procedure. You can put on make-up and return to your routine activities immediately after the treatment.

How is the Healing Process after the Procedure?
Since the procedure is a professional skincare procedure, it takes effect immediately. The skin instantly shines when saturated with water and purified from toxins by means of potent anti-oxidants. Dead skin cells and blackheads are effectively eliminated through the vacuum technology. After the procedure, you can see the infarct and dirt stored in Hydrafacial's waste reservoir.

How Long Does it Last?
After the completion of the procedures, your skin regains its health and this effect lasts for a long time. Repeating these treatment series twice a year enables you to achieve effective results in term of skin health.

In which Season Should It be Performed?
You can have this procedure performed whenever you want. However, specialists recommend it to be performed especially in mid seasons. By this way, the skin is prepared for the new season. Have it performed before summer protects the skin against the harmful effects of the sun and decreases the risk of spot and wrinkle formation.


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