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It is the newest non-surgical Ultrasound and Radiofrequency technology intended for facial contouring and facial rejuvenation, which lifts the face, neck, cheeks, and jowl and eliminates wrinkles within 20 minutes without pain and ache.

With alternative procedure Vshape™, it is possible to look younger and have your jowl reduced without face lift operation. Vshape™, one of the newest procedures intended for facial contouring and facial rejuvenation, has begun to be performed in Turkey, as well. The procedure is an alternative for those who have a fear of surgery. VShape is the Ultrasound and Radiofrequency technology that lifts the sagging skin of the face and neck, reduces the jowl, and eliminates wrinkles within 20 minutes without pain and ache.

With alternative procedure Vshape™, it is possible to look younger and have your jowl reduced without face lift operation. Make your face "V" shaped with Vshape™, by reducing your jowl, lifting your face and neck, and eliminating your facial wrinkles without pain and ache. With the Vshape™ Ultrasound and Radiofrequency system, the collagen fibers in the deeper layers of the skin are heated for making the external surface of the skin tighter and for also eliminating the flabbiness of the supportive tissues in the deeper layers.

Since the Vshape™ therapy is not a surgical procedure, it can be performed without anesthesia; and since it does not involve any incision, it does not leave any scar. It is a single-session procedure that takes 20 minutes. Vshape™ tightens the submental skin and the neck's skin, and eliminates the jowl (in a single session). It tightens the skin of the cheek, corrects the appearance of the wrinkled nose and lip line, reduces the wrinkles in the eye contour area, and eliminates the crow’s feet. The procedure provides measurable tightening and contouring effects and a better skin appearance.

VshapeWhat is VShape?
It is a system specially developed for facial contouring, face lifting, and for also reshaping the neck, chin and jowl areas without surgical intervention. VShape is one of the newest techniques used to reshape the square jaws, faces that have become "U"-shaped due to excessive weight, as well as egg-shaped jowls.

How does it act?
VShape breaks excessively big fat cells by vibrating them with ultrasound waves. However, small-structured blood, blood vessel, nerve and bone cells can easily resist the vibration effect and remain intact. Undesirable effects can be avoided by this way. Since VShape does not work with heating cavitational waves, it can be safely applied to the face and does not lead to any side effects. Therefore, a very effective result is observed after the first session but most of people are satisfied with two sessions.

Number of sessions required
Sessions that take about 20 minutes are performed at 2 weeks intervals. A very effective result can be achieved with the first session; however, a satisfactory result is achieved with 4 sessions for the great majority. Because such results are permanent, only a single-session per year becomes very effective for maintaining the achieved result in the following years. Treatment sessions are conducted with the comfort of massage and no pain sensation.

Can it be an alternative to a face lift surgery?
Surgery is a very different procedure and is fearful for many people. The most attractive speciality of VShape is that it involves neither cutting nor penetrating process. Any person who intends to have a surgery can first try VShape. Since he/she will be satisfied with the result, surgery will not be necessary. VShape satisfies most of patients.

Does the skin get loose when the fat is burned?
VShape applies ultrasound and radiofrequency in combination with each other. Unipolar radiofrequency waves safely heat the skin for ensuring the connective tissue to shrink. In this way, the skin is tightened.

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