Body Contouring

With body shaping systems, it is possible to have a more shaped, thin and attractive silhouette.
Techniques that do not require surgical operation with a tighter body is promising, reducing the fat cells in the desired areas of both thinning and creating a younger silhouette. Anyone who is resistant to diet and exercise, and who complains of excess fat and uncomplicated body contours, can benefit from technologies that affect different energies such as ultrasound and radio frequency. Zelltiq CoolSculpting, which reshapes the abdomen, hips, back and legs, increases the firmness of the skin in these areas or destroys partial redundancies.

Zeltiq against partial fat
Zeltiq permanently destroys partial redundancies, technology designed to freeze fat cells, disrupt their integrity, and then removed from the body. In areas where the system is applied, the temperature of the fat tissue is reduced to zero degrees. Fat cells, which are crystallized and damaged by cell membranes, are destroyed by breakdown and are metabolized over time. The place or places where you have a partial surplus are determined during the process. Then, gel pads are placed on the skin surface to prevent cold damage. The fat under the skin is exposed to low heat for about one hour. The most important feature of treatment that triggers programmed cell death in fat cells by freezing is usually a single session is sufficient. Although the procedure permanently eliminates 20% -40% of the fat cells in the area where the procedure is performed in one session, a second session may be required in cases where the fat tissue is too high. The thinning effect of Zeltiq treatment begins to be observed two weeks after the procedure and is finalized by the third month.

EMSculpt Body Shaping
EMSculpt, which is a new body shaping system, makes the muscles contract to thousands of times and creates an effect equal to the 20,000 crunches and squats. Especially popular among professional athletes, the 30-minute treatment boosts the abdominal and hip muscles and eliminates the fat cells in the treated area. EMSculpt is the newest and most comfortable way of shaping your body, achieving a more attractive silhouette and much obvious muscles.

Body Shaping with BodyFx
BodyFx, an FDA approved system, uses radio frequency energy and vacuum to shape the silhouette. BodyFx is an innovative technology that is effective in body rejuvenation and thinning, reducing the appearance of cellulite without any irritation or damage on the skin surface. BodyFx interferes with parcial redundancies by breaking down fat cells in the treated area and is one of the last points of technology for a more attractive body. Only 30-60 minutes of the procedure 1 session per week, in total 6-8 sessions are enough to reach the results we need.

Body Shaping with Jersey Plus
It is a new generation laser technology that can be applied to both face and body shaping. Popular treatment areas in the body are sagging upper arms, loss of elasticity in the abdomen, tightening of legs and hips. However, it can be applied to any part of the body where tightening is needed. By means of a system that measures the skin temperature during treatment, the adjustment of the energy level transmitted to the skin ensures optimum results. Forming silhouette that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, Forma Plus is one of the last points of technology in a young and smooth silhouette. A treatment scheduled with 7-10 days intervals is recommended. If the loss of elasticity is mild, the desired results can be achieved with fewer sessions, and the session intervals may increase to ten to fifteen days.

UltraShape 3 in Local Forming
UltraShape 3 is a treatment designed to shatter the fat cells in the area where it is applied without any damage to the nerves and skin with its focused ultrasound technology, to tighten the skin and to create a thinning effect in the body. The area or parts to be treated before the procedure is determined and ultrasound energy is sent to the subcutaneous fat tissue. Clinical studies show that the system, which acts by breaking the fat cells, is successfully applied on legs, buttocks, hips, abdomen and waist, and it is thinner to 3-4 centimeters. Supporting the effect of the procedure with a light exercise and diet program increases the success of the treatment.

VelaShape 3 with a more attractive silhouette
VelaShape 3 is an effective body shaping system that combines infrared light, radio frequency and vacuum technologies with massage. By using different energies in a synergetic way, fat cells can both decrease in volume and decrease in number. The treatment, which resembles a hot deep tissue massage, is extremely comfortable and requires 4-8 sessions at intervals of one week for optimum results. VelaShape3, which provides a smoother appearance of the skin surface in the applied area, is one of the effective technologies in creating a thin and shaped body.

VShape in body shaping
Combining radio frequency waves and a new generation of ultrasound technology, VShape acts by sending strong heat energy to the skin. Focusing on fat cells with focused ultrasound waves, the effect of thinning, while the heat energy by increasing the production of collagen in the skin provides a more elastic, tighter look. One of the most important features of the technology is that it shortens the duration of treatment by half. With its large applicator and innovative ultrasound technology, it makes it possible to work in the optimum area in as little as 25 minutes. Depending on the patient's condition, the system is applied in 4-6 sessions and provides successful results in shaping the legs, buttocks, waist and abdomen.

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