Partial Area Slimming

With the help of technology, major steps are being taken in partial area slimming treatments. The most common thinning therapies of recent years are laser systems which affect ultrasound or radio frequency technologies. In recent years, these technologies have been added to the systems such as CoolSculpting , which breaks down fat cells with radio frequency by freezing adipose. These technologies, which affect the fat and belly fat tissue by pressure, can now interfere with even the most stubborn areal redundancies.

Zeltiq for the local extras.
The Zeltiq system, which targets local redundancies in spite of diet, exercises, or even weight, is a different mechanism. Coolsculpting technology that affects the system, freezes fat cells to shape the body. During application, the area of excess fat is drawn into a vacuum capsule. While the skin protected by gel pads during the procedure is not damaged, the fat tissue is cooled in a controlled manner. CoolSculpting is an exceptionally comfortable treatment, except for the coldness felt by vacuuming in the first minutes of treatment. The process triggers a programmed cell death in the fat cells due to the freezing effect. There is no side effect except for a slight redness on the applied area. The treatment of freezing fat cells to zero degrees takes about 35 minutes and a single session is sufficient. After two weeks, the shrinkage in the treated area begins and this becomes more pronounced in the second and third months. Clinical studies show that 20-40% of fat cells in the area were destroyed in a single session. Disintegrated fat cells begin to be expelled from the body as metabolized after a while. Thanks to this technology, it is now possible to intervene in the fat tissue without any surgical procedure..

More Muscular, Thin Silhouette With EmSCulpt
FDA-approved EmSculpt is a breakthrough technology in body shaping. The system stimulates the muscles in the applied area and increases the muscle tissue and causes the fat cells to break down. EmSculpt, which is used for abdominal and hip shaping, acts with high intensity electromagnetic energy. The system operates the muscles in the treated area to a level that cannot be reached by the exercise program, making it possible to reach a tighter abdomen, more raised and shaped hips. The procedure lasts only 35 minutes and a treatment scheduled of 4-5 sessions is performed according to the patient's needs. Although optimal results occur in 2-4 weeks after the last session, patients begin to observe the effects of the procedure after the first session. Clinical studies show that the fat tissue in the treated area decreased by 20% at the end of the four sessions, and the average increase in muscle fibers was around 16%. EmSculpt is a technology that enables you to get tighter and more shaped lines without taking you away from your social life. You can return to your daily life immediately after treatment. It is normal to have pain and pain is similar to the pain that you feel when you exercise for a few days after the procedure.

BodyFX partial area thinning
BodyFx, an FDA approved system, exerts heat energy to the fat tissue to shape the silhouette and increases the temperature of the fat cells to 41-43 degrees. It uses radio frequency energy and vacuum developed for regional redundancies resistant to diet and exercise. The fat cells whose structures are damaged due to heat are being metabolized by the body. The procedure lasts only 30-60 minutes is 1 session per week and 4-8 sessions are adviced. One of the important features of BodyFx technology is the skin firming effect created in the treated area.

Partial area Slimming with UltraShape 3
It is a non-surgical body shaping treatment that provides successful results by breaking fat cells. This safe and comfortable treatment affects only the fat cells without damaging the vessels and nerves in the treated area without causing any irritation to the skin. UltraShape 3, which targets local redundancies with ultrasonic technology, enables the body to be used by liquefying fat cells. During treatment, the membranes of the fat cells disintegrate and the integrity of the cells deteriorates. Degraded fat cells are processed by the liver in metabolic ways, such as fat from the same nutrients. UltraShape treatment can be applied to the abdomen, waist and hip areas, shaping the silhouette by influencing regional redundancies. It is a comfortable operation, lasting for about 1-1.5 hours. Then you can return to your daily life.

VShape Technology for the partial area slimming
One of the most effective systems for body shaping is VShape technology. The system combines ultrasound and radio frequency technologies that target the body's fat cells. The VShape application works with a selective technology that can only damage the fat cells without damaging other tissues. Unipolar radio frequency feature to help tighten the skin and the structure of the system can be used all over the body. One of the most important features of the application is that both treatment and post-treatment are extremely comfortable and absolutely painless. VShape is a treatment that can be applied in all seasons because it does not increase the sensitivity to sun rays and does not trigger the formation of stains. Five sessions are recommended at 10 day intervals for the best results.

VelaShape 3 Partial Area Thinning
VelaShape 3, a body contouring system fighting partial redundancies to help remove fat from the body, combines radio frequency and infrared light energy with mechanical massage. The combination of these three systems helps to achieve optimal results. One of the advantages of the system is the effect of regional redundancy, but also the firming effect of the skin. The system that accelerates the removal of fat cells from the body by stimulating the lymphatic drainage and blood circulation with the mechanical massage mechanism, is designed for those who want both thinning and tightening effect in their silhouettes. VelaShape 3 is given 6 sessions a week. After an average of 40 minutes of treatment, it is recommended to drink plenty of water in order to accelerate the removal of disintegrated fat cells from the body.

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