Botox Applications


Botox applications are an easy and reliable method used to lighten or eliminate the mimic wrinkle lines that are evident with age. Botox injections is to lighten in particular the lines between the forehead and eyebrows, the fine lines called the crowbar formed at the edges of the eye and the vertical lines of the neck is marked by the golden standard. Botox, which is effective in all lines due to mimics, is a simple procedure made by injecting the formula into the muscles with fine needles.

What is Botox?
Botox (A type botulinum injection), which temporarily prevents muscle movement, is particularly effective in alleviating the appearance of forehead wrinkles, lines around the eyes, lines in between of the eyebrows and vertical muscles in the neck. Botox application of the formula with fine needles directly into the muscle. It starts to take effect within 4-7 days of the process and prevents the formation of new wrinkles while it becomes final in 10-15, allowing the lines to become lighter.

How does Botox work, what does it do?
Botox breaks the connection between the nerve and the muscle, that is to say that the nerve's command is prevented from being transmitted. Thus, the muscle temporarily ceases to contract and the mimic lines that are caused by the contraction are alleviated. The reason for using Botox in cosmetic industry is its positive effect on mimic lines and wrinkles.

In which problems is Botox effective?
Due to the movement of mimic muscles, the forehead, eyebrows, eye edges, lines on the upper lips, vertical lines that become prominent with age lines in the neck area, armpit sweats, palms of hands, muscle spasms and migraine headaches we use botox.

Is there a swelling in the area where botox injected?
Botox is not a filler. Therefore, there is no swelling or fullness in the Botox area. With the loosening of the muscles in the injection area, the lines, wrinkles are lightened, the face appears more calm and rested.

How does Botox treatment go?
Botox is an injection process. The application area is anesthetized with the local anesthetic cream 20 minutes before the procedure. After the application areas are cleaned, the formula is injected in small doses into the muscle with fine-tipped needles. The whole process takes about 10-15 minutes.

Who does Botox application?
Cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, medical aesthetists are authorized to perform botox application. However, it should be noted that the doctor must know the facial anatomy and the working mechanism of the face muscles very well.

When does the application show its effect?
Botox injection begins to show its effect after 3-4 days of application, and its final effect is after 7-10 days. It should be noted that this period may vary from person to person and the dose applied.

Does Botox have any side effects?
Botox injections have been used for both treatment and cosmetic purposes for many years. Has been applied to thousands of patients over the years is the best proof that treatment is extremely safe. Botox has no side effects. When used for treatments, the patient needs to be given higher doses, and even in such cases no side effects were found.

How long it lasts?
The effect of botox injections lasts for an average of 4-6 months, although it varies according to the amount of dose injected from person to person and the area of application. After the effect of Botox, the treated area will be restored. It was observed that the effects of the injection continued for a longer time when botox was applied to the same area regularly for five or six times. Make sure to support the positive effects of treatment with the products recommended by your doctor.

Who is suitable for Botox? Is there an age limit?
Anyone who is suffering from mimic lines and wrinkles, from age 18 to 70, can benefit from botox injections. When the lines or wrinkles are quite deep, the treatment must be supplemented with filler injections. The result is more successful when the lines are made before deepening.

Is there any risk?
In rare cases, temporary tissue damage, loss of sensation may occur. Again, eyelid drop may occasionally be seen, but this is a temporary condition. Bleeding and subsequent bruising may occur when the needle tip accidently touch a small capillary vein during injection. These bruises pass in a few days. As in every cosmetic treatments, it should be noted that it is very important to choose a qualified specialist who is experienced in his / her field.

Apart of aesthetic in which purposes is botox done?
Botox used in spastic stroke, facial paralysis, migraine, strabismus, headache and excessive sweating problem.

Where is it applied to excessive sweating?
Botox, hesitation in sweat glands reduces priority. Armpit, palms and soles should be made at higher doses by making sweating avoidable.

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