New Generatıon Antı-Agıng: Ulthera

Would like to erase the trace of years on your face, neck and dé-colleté benefitting from technology? Medical Aesthetic Specialist Dr Mustafa Karatas explains the skills of Ultherapy…

Face-lifting via Ulthera
The loss of elasticity on face bothers; when jowl hanging accompanies to this problem, the situation becomes more and more bothering. And you look for nonsurgical solution… Ultherapy is a nonsurgical ultrasound treatment which visibly counteracts aging signs. Additionally, the patients can return their daily life activities. Dr Mustafa Karatas states that he often implements this system and his patients are happy of the results. This treatment focuses under layer of the skin and never harms skin surface.

Ultherapy focuses ultrasound energy beneath the skin for the regeneration of collagen so that the skin is tightened and noticeable results occur. The skin tightens, smooths and looks young. There is no pain on the surface the en-ergy is given, however some discomfort may be felt.

As in every implementation, the selec-tion of the patient is so crucial for Utherapy. Dr Karatas adds that this implementation doesn’t give the same result as classic face-lifting operation. Patients should expect real expectations the determination of the proper patient has a prominent importance. The skin tightens, smooths and looks young after Ultherapy.

Well, who can expect positive results from Ulthera?
If the loss of elasticity and hanging of your skin is not much, you be pleased with this treatment. This treatment is not only implemented to skin, jowl but also to eyebrow hangings and goose foot wrinkles. Dr Karatas also underlines that this treatment should be considered as an investment for the future, and Ulthera is the right choice to postdate face-lifting operation. In order to observe the positive results of this treatment the patients should be patient for at least three months and the effects continue 3-5 years.

For a younger décolleté
Ultherapy is implemented for thin wrinkles and hangings around décolleté area: this is an important development for antiaging treatments. “We have alternative for neck and face such as aesthetic operations” says Dr Karatas. “However, when dealing with the hang-ings on décolleté area, our arms are folded. Happily, we can reach effec-tive results by means of Ultherapy” he continues.

The first and only FDA cleared treat-ment for the lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity on décolleté, Ulthera focuses ultrasound energy under décolleté area regenerates collagen and elastin. With this energy, the treatment of the skin itself starts and thin lines and wrinkles disappear in a few month. “This method is nonsurgical and attracting, so patients can return their daily life activities. That’s why, this implementation protects its popularity” adds Dr Karataş. Some questions may come to mind… Here Dr Mustafa Karatas answers all your questions…

Is Ulthera only implemented in winter months like other laser therapies?
“Absolutely no”… It can be performed in every season. Laser therapy cannot be performed in winters whereas Ulthera is possible to be performed whenever desired. It is enough to use sun cream.

How long does it take to perform?
Depending on the area being treated, the length of the treatment takes 30-120 minutes.

Is Ultherapy safe?
İt is again absolutely safe since the depth of energy implemented is con-trolled sensitively so that the tissue is not harmed.

How many sessions are necessary in order to observe positive results?
Ulthera is a one session therapy, and effects continue 3-5 years.

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