Beauty Just In One Sessıon

By means of new nonsurgical medical implementations in beauty sector, skin and adiposity problems can be solved easily anymore. These methods are so popular recently since they are imple-mented noninvasively. A beautiful and happy look can be reached with injec-tions, single session lifting implemen-tations, technologic devices for body-building. Here Dr Mustafa Karataş tells us the latest technologies and favourite medical aesthetic implementations.

Instant Beauty Vıa Injectıon
It is a reality that filling and botulinum toxin (Botox) injections gaining a strong seat and mostly seen as anti-aging creams have revolutionized the approach of delaying growing old. The most significant changes due to the age are wrinkles and thin lines. Precautions should be taken as soon as possible for natural and young look. Dr Karataş states that Botox and filling to some parts of the face not only erases wrin-kles but also prevents wrinkles till older ages. However most people prefer just clearing up the look of wrinkles instead of solving the situation completely.

Botox treatment involves injecting toxin into the wrinkles; and so the muscles lose their ability and the skin becomes smooth. I recommend Botox to my pa-tients who have wrinkles although there is no movement on the face. Botox is est way of treatment for the wrin-kles around eyes. Filling implementa-tion and Botox should be performed together for thick lines.

Wrinkles can also be removed and the skin can be nourished by FDA approved hyaluronic acid, which is actually natu-rally f ound in body. Shaping the face contour, erasing thin lines and wrinkles are possible with this kind of filling. Persistence of hyaluronic acid based fillings are approximately 6-12 months. “Hyaluronic acid fillings can be injected to the deep tissues on the upper part of the bone and function as an implant; so the wrinkles are filled. When performed to deep tissues, the volume lost is regained” says Dr Karataş. “The result is immediate. This method is nonsurgical and attracting, so patients can return their daily life activities. That’s why, this implementation protects its popularity” adds Dr Karataş.

Skın Thıghtenıng In One Sessıon
Aging is inevitable however it is pos-sible to slow down this period. Women can control the changes on their skins today; and many patients desire beauti-ful look via painless and nonsurgical implementations.

Ultherapy is a nonsurgical ultrasound treatment which visibly counteracts ag-ing signs. This treatment focuses under layer of the skin and never harms skin surface. Ultherapy focuses ultrasound energy beneath the skin for the regen-eration of collagen so that the skin is tightened and noticeable results occur. The skin tightens, smooths and looks young. Some initial effects can be seen after Ultherapy, however the ultimate result will gradually take place in six months. Dr Mustafa Karataş also states that Ultherapy mostly implemented to face, chin and neck can also be per-formed for the thin lines on the chest. “This is a prominent development for antiaging implementations” he adds. Depending on the area being treated, the length of the treatment takes 30-120 minutes. Ultherapy is a single session treatment and the effects continue for 3-5 years.

Thermage technology focuses radiof-requency beneath skin layers; tightens and stimulates collagens and elastin ten-dons to produce more. This treatment is one of the most successful technolo-gies tightening the skin and contouring the face oval without harming the skin surface says Dr Karataş. Thermage is also mostly performed for sagging chin and neck. But, there should be enough collagen in order to recognise the posi-tive effects of this system. If a patient is older, positive results may not be gained since there would be less collagen in skin. Generally one session is enough, the positive effects start being seen one month later and gradually increases in six months.

Thınnng In One Sessıon
Zeltiq system targeting the fat which cannot be gotten rid of although losing weight works with a different mecha-nism. This system uses coolsculpting technology. Coolsculpting is unique, patented, FDA approved, nonsurgical, free from diet or sport method elimi-nating fat cells by cooling. If your body mass index is normal but have some modest-size fat bulges, which never get thinner whatever you do, this system is an ideal solution for you. Skin protected by a gel pad during Zeltiq Coolsculpting is taken in a vacuumed capsule and the fat cells are frozen. The candidate is so comfortable; only in the first three-four minutes of the implementation little pain may be felt because of vacuuming. Just a little rubescence is seen after the Coolsculpting. The treatment fat cells are frozen till zero degree approximately takes 45-60 minutes; and one session is enough. Thinning starts two weeks later; and the significant thinner can be observed in two-three months. %30-40 of fat cells are frozen and these frozen fat cells eliminated from the body in time. The implementation areas are not limited to abdomen and waist; it can be performed to the legs, hips, chin, arms, back, genital area, breast tissue of men, etc.

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