Beauty Just In One Session by Dr. Mustafa Karatas Clinic

Dr Mustafa Karataş started serving his patients in his new clinic in Valikonağı. At the clinic with the maximum comfort and hygiene, many implementations from face deformation to regional thinning are performed in separate sections with most private atmosphere.

We have talked to Dr Mustafa Karataş, who is the aesthetician of celebrities from society and art, at his new clinic in Abdi İpekci Street about the innovations on medical aesthetic. Known as golden needle, Mustafa Karataş has been one of the most preferred aesthetic doctor in Turkey for years. The successful doctor opened his new clinic where he may present better service and his patients will feel more and more comfort. Dr Karataş has given information on increasing attention to aesthetic, innovations on medical aesthetic, and mostly preferred methods.

You have moved to your new clinic; what could tell us about the changes?
I had established my old clinic in 2004 according to the conditions of the time and was really what I had intended. However, it began to no appeal time especially in terms of decoration. Since we deal with aesthetic and beauty, I want to present my patients the best of the best. I wanted my patients to rest in a func- tional room with maximum comfort and hygiene after the implementation. My clinic is protected from microbes by an American system.

Could you tell us about your “better program”?
This program includes Botox and filling, and is just preformed to upgrade the patients’ current skins quality by increasing the tightness, collagen and humidity of the skin. When getting older, skin colour has the first degree we lose. The more skin contains pink and beige colours the more it looks younger and better. We balance the pigments by little vitamin and injection with this program. This program is an investment for yourself and my patients starting this program at early ages are so glad. I am always in favour of economical aesthetics; so money and sustainability are important. We have a period of happy 15-20 years together.

We know that you are interested in Techno-beauty. What would you like to tell for our readers?
This is the part what I call my toys. We may refer as the usage of technological equipment in aesthetic and beauty. These equipment are called toy for adults by me. I prefer using all approved innovations as far as I can. I never use the product which FDA (Food and Drug Administration) doesn’t approve. Every system has some beneficial effects however I prefer the best one for a patient. It doesn’t not mean every system will be good for every patient. Making this distinction and offering the patient what he/she needs is so crucial part of my profession.

Which method is mostly preferred for Face Beauty in One Session?
Mostly Ulthera and Thermage are preferred. According to the patient, any other implementations may be preferred too. With Thermage, we increase he heat level of the body and trigger the self-repair mechanism of the skin just in one session.

Getting older is inevitable, but it is possible to slow down the process. Women today can control the changes on their skin by themselves. Most of the patients desire younger and more beautiful look in one session without any surgery and discomfort. Ulthera is a nonsurgical ultrasound treatment which visibly counteracts aging signs. This treatment focuses under layer of the skin and never harms skin surface. Ultherapy focuses ultrasound energy beneath the skin for the regeneration of collagen so that the skin is tightened and noticeable results occur. The skin tightens, smooths and looks young. Some initial effects can be seen after Ultherapy, however the ultimate result will gradually take place in six months. The skin’s self-repairing process starts with this energy.

What would you like to tell about Thermage?
While getting older, collagens in the skin is spoilt and wrinkles and hanging outs occur. Thermage technology focuses radiofrequency beneath skin layers; tightens and stimulates collagens and elastin tendons to produce more. Stimulated collagens are self-repaired and so the collagens make the skin younger. This treatment is one of the most successful technologies tightening the skin and contouring the face oval without harming the skin surface. Thermage is a one session therapy and it approximately takes 45 minutes.

How can we be thinner in one session?
Zeltiq system targeting the fat which cannot be gotten rid of although losing weight works with a different mechanism. This system uses coolsculpting technology. Coolsculpting is unique, patented, FDA approved, nonsurgical, free from diet or sport method eliminating fat cells by cooling. If your body mass index is normal but have some modest-size fat bulges, which never get thinner whatever you do, this system is an ideal solution for you. Skin protected by a gel pad during Zeltiq Coolsculpting is taken in a vacuumed capsule and the fat cells are frozen. The candidate is so comfortable; only in the first three-four minutes of the implementation little pain may be felt because of vacuuming. Just a little rubescence is seen after the Coolsculpting. The treatment fat cells are frozen till zero degree approximately takes 45-60 minutes; and one session is enough. Thinning starts two weeks later; and the significant thinner can be observed in two-three months. %30-40 of fat cells are frozen and these frozen fat cells eliminated from the body in time.

Do you have foreign patients? Which treatment do they prefer?
My foreign patients mostly prefer one session aesthetic implementations. For example, coolsculpting, which also eliminates fat cells in arms and inner tights, is unbelievably loved and preferred. Ulthera and Thermage, which are performed without any surgery, are also popular.

Implementations At The Clinic
Hair Transplantation
Permanent Makeup
Regional Thinning in one Session
Face lifting without any surgery
Clearlift Laser
VelaShape 3
Ice Laser Epilation


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