GeneO+ Oxygen Therapy

OxyGeneoOxyGeneo a procedure that creates a skin with a younger and fresher appearance by enabling more oxygen delivery into the skin cells takes inspiration from natural hot springs. Anti-aging specialist Dr. Mustafa Karataş tells about the next-generation oxygen therapy...
OxyGeneo oxygen technology is a new system using the body's own natural mechanisms to revitalize the skin and create a clearer and fresher skin. Anti-aging specialist Dr. Mustafa Karataş tells about the system as follows: "Natural hot spring therapies are known to provide oxygen to the skin. The point of origin of this new technology system is such therapies and their positive effects on the skin. OxyGeneo mimics this effect, and triggers a chain reaction by delivering oxygen into the skin cells in the treatment site."
OxyGeneo purifies the skin from dead cells to create an environment suitable for the nourishment of the skin during and after treatment. NeoRevive designed to be used in conjunction with OxyGeneo technology, which is applied to the treatment site, maximizes the anti-aging benefits of the system. Dr. Mustafa Karataş says "This formula contains effective anti-aging substances such as magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, kojic acid, and retinol. Through the system, more oxygen is delivered into the cells, and these effective substances virtually penetrate into the skin, i.e. the skin maximally benefits from these substances", and tells about the noticeable results of the procedure: "This combination softens the fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pores, and gives a lively and fresh appearance to the dull skin. Since it reduces pigmentation spots on the skin, it also regulates the skin color and enables the skin to look clearer. My patients observe the favorable results of the treatment immediately after the procedure; however, curing sessions are required to be provided at certain intervals, for enabling the results to last longer.” Karataş says that OxyGeneo procedure is suitable for all types of skins, and can be performed in conjunction with other anti-aging therapies if necessary.

How Does It Act?
The contact between the special Capsugen capsule and the gel rich in anti-aging agents creates the OxyGeneo effect. Innumerable tiny carbon dioxide bubbles burst on the skin, triggering the oxygenation coming from the inside. As a result, the skin absorbs the essential active nutrients, enabling the skin to look livelier and fresher while also softening the pigmentation spots and fine wrinkles.

Multipe Favorable Effects At The Same Time
The favorable effects of the OxyGeneo procedure on the skin...
• Exfoliant effect that does not cause irritation even on the most sensitive skins.
• While the skin gets purified from dead cells, it allows for more oxygen and anti-aging agent delivery into cells.
• The gel applied to the skin during the procedure provides an anti-aging effect in the long term.
• The skin is noticeably livelier and fresher immediately after the first treatment session.
•Fine lines and wrinkles look softer.
•The skin that looks pale and dull begins to look fresher and livelier after treatment.
•One of the favorable effects of his next-generation oxygen therapy is the increase in the moisture level of the skin. The skin with more moisture looks younger and is more resistant to the signs of aging.
• The procedure is extremely comfortable, and you can return to your daily life immediately after treatment.

Who are the eligible candidates for this procedure?
Anyone who wants a long-term anti-aging effect is as eligible candidate for this procedure. Anyone complaining about fine wrinkles, pigment spots, and enlarged pores on his/her skin as well as dull and matte appearance of his/her skin, and who wants to enhance the quality of his/her skin can benefit from this procedure.
Will I Be Able to Return My Routine Activities Immediately After Treatment?
OxyGeneo causes no downtime. You can return to your routine activities immediately after treatment?

Is there anything that I should be careful about after treatment?
We recommend you to apply a hypoallergenic sunscreen for a period of at least 24 hours after the treatment session.
Is the procedure is suitable for all types of skins?
Yes, bu treatment procedure is suitable for all types of skins and skin colors.

How long does the procedure take?
The procedure including the preparations before and after treatment takes 30 minutes.
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