Stretch Mark Treatment with Biodermogenesi

Don't say anymore you have stretch marks...
Are you ready to get rid of your stretch marks, which have been among the most difficult aesthetic problems up until now? Medical Aesthetics Specialist Dr. Mustafa Karataş says "Now it is possible to get rid of such stretch marks that overshadow the attractiveness of your cleavage, legs, and maybe your abdominal region!" I present to you a new technology, a magic touch to your body...

Medical Aesthetics Specialist Dr. Mustafa Karatas who offers positive solutions in this regard emphasizes that until today, the approach to the treatment of stretch marks have been focused on self-recovery of the skin and on creating micro-damage in the layers of the skin and; and states that such procedures are still available but can eliminate only 15-25 percent of the appearance of stretch marks. He also emphasizes that fact that stretch marks are not problems existing only on the surface. The skin can be handled as a whole. The most important reason of the formation of stretch marks is based on hormonal changes. Existing stretch marks caused by hormonal changes get deeper and enlarged due to the mechanical effects (gravity, weight gains and losses, etc.). Actual studies have proven that atrophy (a decrease in the mass of the cells due to inadequate nutrition, i.e. loss of tissue) is among the cause of stretch marks. Dr. Mustafa Karatas states that using certain systems such as fractional laser and dermabrasion, or delivering energy through micro needling system would be inadequate if there is a problem on the cellular basis; and adds that the inadequate results obtained up until have already proven this. Another important point is that stretch marks on the skin cannot gain color or get a tan... Such procedures that damage the skin cannot adequately treat stretch marks and cannot contribute to the skin's ability to gain color and get a tan. As a result, they cannot be helpful for those who feel psychologically bad in front of a mirror and in their daily lives.

The only system that treat stretch marks: Biodermogenesi
For the first time, a system that can treat stretch marks without damaging the skin has been developed at the end of totally a 14-year study. With this Italian-made system called Biodermogenesi, it is now possible to remove stretch marks at a rate of 85 percent. Medical Aesthetics Specialist Dr. Karataş emphasizes that this percentage (%85) should not be misunderstood, and adds: "Such a failure of %15 is out of question. This percentage is related to filling stretch marks. In other words, healing is achieved in each stretch mark. It has no side effects. Now it is possible for you to get rid of your stretch marks without feeling pain and without any restrictions on your standards of living, by means of completely bio-compatible magnetic field combined with certain specific amino acid based serums absorbed by the skin." Biodermogenesi provides generation in the skin layers, normalizes the blood stream, raises the oxygen level to normal, and optimizes the lymphatic micro-circulation. When doing this with Biodermogenesi, it enables the skin to regain its normal biological functions without damaging it, by respecting skin physiology. What else do you want!... After treatment, you can stay under the sun or go to the tanning booth to get your stretch marks tanned, and consequently obtain a different color and suntan level for your healthy skin.

How Does the System Act?
Dr. Mustafa Karataş describes this system—that he administers at his own clinic—as follows: "We pump sodium and potassium, required by the cell, into the cell through the bio-compatible magnetic field therapy, with positive and negative energies. Sodium and potassium pumped into the cell with positive valence provide the nutrition needed by the cell. Then the cell is detoxified, by discharging the toxins from the cell with negative valence. In this way, the cell acquires the required nutrition and begins to return to its normal level. As the number of session increases, stretch marks begin to gain the ability to get colored.

This system that has won an Italian innovation award is now taught as a lesson in master programs in the field of medical aesthetic in University of Pisa and University of Barcelona... Biodermogenesi, a stretch mark treatment procedure with an effectiveness documented with independent research, academic studies and scientific publications, is the only solution that guarantees achieving lasting and significant results. Its effectiveness has been documented with many biopsies and ultrasound scanning, as well. Stretch mark treatment with Biodermogenesi procedure is administered through a system called 'Bi-One'.

A study conducted by the University of Pisa, Faculty of Dermatology, proved that Biodermogenesi is superior to other procedures recommended before it, and that it eliminates stretch marks at a unique rate of 85 percent. The research also revealed that the results achieved with Biodermogenesi last without change even four to five years after treatment, and confirmed that this procedure does not only achieve an aesthetic result but also eliminates stretch marks in real terms.
As the number of session increases, melanocyte cells that produce color in our epidermis regain their ability to produce color; and as a result, the stretch marks are encolored.

With the Biodermogenesi procedure having an effectiveness approved by clinical trials, biopsy samples, and pathological findings, provides a groundbreaking treatment technique intended for the treatment of stretch marks, which allows for coloration without causing unfavorale changes in the skin, affecting daily life

Number of Sessions and Length of Intervals

Before starting the stretch mark treatment, the patient and physician fill out a special form to determine the number of sessions. Depending on the result, a score is obtained, whereby the number of sessions is determined.
In general, 20 to 25 sessions are performed for stretch marks that have existed for a period of up to 10 years, and 30 sessions for stretch marks that have existed for a period of over10 years.

Minimum 2 and maximum 3 sessions are performed in a week. At this point, the important criterion is that any subsequent session can be performed after 48 hours. More frequent sessions provide no extra benefit.ur.

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